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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. 

Staff List

​PrincipalRick Meraska
​Vice Principal​Cathy Best
​Administrative Specialists
Kris Pinto, Tanya Verkerk
​KindergartenMelissa Adams/Stacie Miller
​Susan Thomas/Megan Moss
Justin Souch/Stacey Saucier
Grade 1
Ginette Giroux-Shaw (FI)
​Janet Bown (FI)

Lisa Edgar
​Grade 1/2
Sue Ducau
​Grade 2
Julie Shipley (FI)/Becky Churley (FI)

Justine Tomini
Grade 2/3
Rosanna McDermid
​Grade 3
Michelle Leslie

Becky Westman (FI)
​Grade 3/4
Erin Storey (FI)
Grade 4
​Karen Tremblay
Grade 4
Nicole Ball (FI)

Grade 4/5
Warren Totten
Grade 5
Charlene Desrochers
Grade 6Taylor Biebly
​Grade 7
Tara Douglas
Grade 7/8
Andrew Leslie
Grade 8
Mark Hopkins

SERT​Melissa Richardson, Sarah Rudge, Miguel Cercone, 
​Planning Time
Louise Pike (.5), Gillian Mutrie (.5), Christina Neal, Robyn Corbiere, Chantal Hickson
​Teacher-LibrarianKara Swaile-Black
​Core FSL
​Tatiana Chirita
Michael Boulton

Lana Browning
Sean Garrett
​Jeannie Martin (.5)
Angie Taylor
​Kelly Marlatt
​Katie Cloutier
Carrie Howell
​Ashley Clark